One Platform To Connect Them All - Interacts with all your systems from one place in realtime.

Transform your business today with the state of the art platform to interlink all your current IT systems. Manage all of your systems from one single interface designed to your preference. Specifically built and optimised for geographically dispersed businesses operating in low bandwidth environments as typically encountered in many parts of rural Africa.


Configure and execute compliance, quality assurance and audit questionnaires and workflows tailored to the needs of your business.

Mobile First

We design and deliver responsive (mobile first) business process management systems on top of our platform.

  • One platform to access them all
  • HR, Recruitment, and Appraisal
  • CRM, ERP, and Internal Connections
  • Mobile and PC apps
  • Compliance, Quality Assurance, and Audit



Integrate with all your current IT software and display information in one place. Edit and add information from one system.


Implement robust and flexible governance that adapts to your organisation’s changing needs.


Configure and execute compliance, quality assurance, audit questionnaires and workflows, tailored to the needs of your business.

Contact Management

Do contact management your way. Choose your own methodolgy. Use it for marketing, sales, services, BOM and various other.


Rapidly establish clear control over your processes without the need for major strategic expenditure or long and painful projects.


Bring order to the numerous data silos in your organisation using this platform which turns data into Information.

Work Less Not More!


Examples of ways can be applied in your environment


Subtraction Methodology!

Work less not more with our technology.

Fever fields less work


Adapt systems to your thought process and workflow.

Not the other way around


Control your data from a central system. Single point entry.

Reporting and information at your fingertips


Connect all lone standing systems data flow your way

Quality control of data from every system


Know that all your data is syncronised and available.

Data becomes valid and use-able


Integration your way. No more headaches.

A foundation for your business growth

10000+ possibilities!